Are Your Investments Threatened by Political Instabilities?

Political tensions can quickly threaten the established order and thus significantly change the conditions surrounding your business activities abroad. 

Does your company also do business in politically challenging countries and regions? If so, understanding and managing the prevalent political risks should be a core component in your thinking about securing your investments.

Qualified Analyses of Stability Risks

Our DGAPexpertise is a format of analysis specifically tailored to your individual questions. In a clear and comprehensive manner it provides you with a professional assessment of the country’s or region’s political (in)stability. 

Our experienced and distinguished experts shed light on the conditions and developments of the rule of law, democratization as well as the distribution of power within the regions and countries that are of interest to your company.  

The DGAPexpertise thus adds an important political component to your business analysis and can either provide substantive backup for recommended action plans or shed critical light on them.

Moderated Expert Round Tables

Some questions are so complex that they can only be understood in direct dialogue with various experts. Individual, in-depth dialogues with our experts can thus supplement our studies and analysis.

At Round Table meetings, moderated by the DGAP’s staff, our regional experts present their assessments and discuss them with you or with the responsible specialists in your company.

Do You Have Questions regarding the Political Risks of Your Business Activities?

In a non-binding conversation we will gladly discuss the possibilities for the best ways to answer your questions in a competent and adequate manner. We are looking forward to you getting into contact with us.