Could Your International Partners Pose a Risk for Your Business?

In the context of your political risk analysis it is not enough to critically evaluate country-specific risks. 

Above all, when doing business abroad you have to ensure that both your company and your responsible executives are not associated with business partners of questionable integrity, for example regarding issues such as corruption or money laundering. 

Therefore, we also offer business partner screenings to complement our political risk analysis.

Prevention of Corruption and Protection of Your Company’s Integrity

The screening of new and existing business partners is part of due diligence in the context of today’s compliance requirements. However, screening your business partners is not just important because of today’s comprehensive and strictly enforced anti-corruption laws and money-laundering acts.

Your company’s reputation will also be seriously threatened should one of your international business partners be involved in former or current cases of corruption.

Business Partner Due Diligence and Risk Analysis

Our business partner due diligence follows a risk-based approach. A corruption risk assessment will allow us to identify integrity risks in an international and highly complex environment for a large number of projects and partners. The risk analysis will be tailored to and coordinated with your specific requirements.

A tailor-made and properly executed risk assessment is a comprehensive and efficient way for minimizing and preventing integrity risks. It also serves to monitor as well as document the implementation of your compliance policy.

Combined Expertise

Since the business partner due diligence and corruption risk assessment both call for expert knowledge and sound methodological approaches we closely cooperate with the compliance and risk advisory firm Berlin Risk in carrying out these measures.

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Do You Have Additional Questions?

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