Expertise and Services from the DGAP’s Network

DGAP Consulting is the consulting subsidiary of the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), the national foreign policy network.

DGAP Consulting offers profound expertise on all foreign policy issues as well as flexible consulting services in order to support your business activities abroad.

Analysis and Consulting
DGAP Consulting sheds light on fundamental questions of political stability in all countries and regions vital to your business interests. Additionally, DGAP Consulting assists you with the conception and implementation of individual compliance measures.

Seminars and Workshops
DGAP Consulting offers country-specific seminars and scenario workshops to train and further educate your executive staff.

Event Management
Thanks to our network of experts we offer assistance for all your projects demanding specific country expertise – for example arranging and organizing delegation trips, lecture series, conferences, as well as congresses.

Staying true to our origin, DGAP Consulting attaches great value to the quality of its work. All experts employed by DGAP Consulting – whether working on analysis and studies or giving lectures – are obliged to follow the German Research Foundation’s “rules of good scientific practice”. You can thus have full trust that our results are carefully researched, critically analyzed, and comprehensively documented.